Mu Azul Rules


1. Whoever is caught insulting, disqualifying, doing acts of xenophobia, racism or discrimination in the server the user will be blocked without notice.

2. You must not use hack or cheat tools or exploit server bugs for your own benefit if you are surprised you will be blocked without notice.

3. Use the means of contact if you want to talk to an Administrator do not resort to charging centers or unofficial pages and forums.

4. The propaganda of other servers (spam) on the server is punished with Blocking account permanent.

5. No user should say they are GM or Admin in order to steal, scam, manipulate to others.


If this is happening to a player, dont believe it! on this server there is no administrators or GM or Moderators, whatever you do, do not believe it since in this server there are no administrators online. Remember it very well! , it is totally automated, do not give your account password or lend your items and if necessary threatened in any way, do not believe him and do not accept blackmail from anyone if he does understand that he is an impostor who will surely rob or deceive you. be careful because this type of scammer players offers you full and reset items tempting you to believe that he will obtain all that and thus convincing him to give him his items or keys of your account does not even threaten or tempt you, just ignore it and do not I didnt talk to you or answer you, if you fall into this we werent attended to by any Admin.

6. If you want to donate, read the donation rules with your account, because if you Donate is because you are accepting these rules and the rules of the server.

7. If you ask for help on the Server, dont expect someone to help you. It is not a right that you have nor a duty of others.

8. If you trade a tradeable item with someone be very sure of what What do you do if you give a tradeable item to a player and they both accept the trade? the items virtually belong to the person who receives it, excuses that it was borrowed that I stole it, but whoever misunderstands this rule by pretending that benefits thefts will be permanently banned without answering emails.

9. Do not try to skip the rules with any justification that will cost you the Account deletion no matter how much you donated or when you played.

10. The Server is not responsible for the things it sells for the things that a player trades for you on the game.

11. Donations are non-refundable if you donate on your own conscience and it is clear that the money will not be returned, no excuse will be accepted and more if you violate these rules.

12. If you donate to an account by any top-up means available on the server and you are a minor the server will presume that you have permission of their parents, the server is not responsible if the parents of any user they have no idea what their son is doing.

13. The server does not accept recharges with phone cards or basket tickets or payments in sheets or bottle caps.

14. The fact of ignoring the rules of the Server or not knowing them is not an excuse for not applying them, the server does not accept excuses that it did not know them or did not I had read.

15. The server will not exchange items for other items and will not accept as part of I pay in donations items already bought or traded.

16. If any user intervenes in the administration of the server by events raffling or raffling off items and taking public attributions of any guy will be Blocked immediately without asking.


If you want to make public events and public donations of your own items tradeables to users notify server mails to avoid problems.

17. It is strictly forbidden to sell cash or do favors on cash purchases in the game to other users, Mu Azul Online does not have a mechanism for selling cash for the use of users in a safe way, therefore it is prohibited and the sanction for this type of business will be the immediate deletion of the account.


If this happened to you, do not bother to report it because you will be blocked immediately to you and your counterpart.

18. If the Server posts a news item, status, survey, etc., it will do so in the Whatsapp Group. If any user does not see it or does not receive said information, the server will not know makes responsible does not accept claims for misinformation or users who did not know or that they didnt find out.

19. It is strictly forbidden to do or trade favors on the server VIP or any type of trade that implies that the user obtains any of the benefits of the VIP server, if this happens they will be permanently blocked the two accounts involved.

20. The Items obtained (dropped) and not edited and edited in the game do not have any guarantee.

21. It is strictly forbidden to provide your account credentials or passwords or receive those of another they are non-transferable if you do this it can be sanctioned with the immediate elimination of the accounts involved.

22. It is strictly forbidden to refer to racism, profanity and mockery to any user on the server, this rule is severely strict and its violation will be punished with immediate blocking and account deletion this rule includes all users donors or not.

23. The sale of items through trade for money or exchange of items for some kind of coupon is strictly prohibited and is considered illegal and anyone who tries to selling items in this way is in direct violation of the terms of use that are accepted when registering, the violation of this rule immediately cancels the service that the server provides to the user, that is, the accounts involved will be immediately deleted.

24. Donating users do not have any type of immunity or right to violation of the rules or policies of use of the server, any violation of the regulation and violation of the cash recharge policies, the same sanctions will be applied as to non-donor users.

25. The server will terminate any account that has characters with names with immoral, sexual or racist words in any language, in fact the server to terminate any account that has a name that the server considers inappropriate.

26. Jewels and packages of Jewels, Kumdum or boxes of some kind do not have no guarantee of success or guarantee of loss.

27. The server reserves internal administration and operation information of this, for security, no information will be given other than what is seen in the functions of the web both in the public part and in the user area.

28. The server staff will decide the game mode and this includes everything regarding what happens in the Server and sub Server if it were the case and it will be the only one that will have power to change it and decide on it either due to a problem or the server or player security.

29. If you create an account on the Mu Azul Online server it is because you have accepted these rules.

WCoinC reloads // Credit reloads.

1. Cash Items are not tradeable.

2. Cash Items cannot be changed between accounts or servers.

3. The reset of points paid with cash cannot be changed between accounts.

4. Resets cannot be changed from one account to another just for having acquired cash.

5. The guarantees of the Cash Items are only guaranteed as they are on the server delivered, any subsequent edits made by the user are not taken into account.

6. The guarantees of the cash items are for their recovery due to loss or disappearance the guarantee does not include exchanges or return of money or refund of cash.

7. Cash items cannot be exchanged for other cash items because the user He requests it because he changed his race or created another pj for no reason they will be changed.

8. Server rules will be applied in the same way to those who have purchased cash or credits, the server will not accept blackmail.

9. The acquisition of cash or credits is not an investment or a purchase of shares on the server.

10. Cash Items lose the guarantee if the user lends or shares the account or give the key of the same by facebook or WhatAPP any means of messaging or network social with whoever is a Friend, Cousin, Family Member, Guildmaster, ETC with whomever it is will be given Cancel the warranty of the items purchased for your account.


1. Do not lend the tradable items to anyone because if you trade them with any user you accept the trade and the user as well and the items virtually become the users that receives them.

2. The server is not responsible for sales of tradable items between users for trade system, claims for lost items will not be accepted due to trade loans or for lending accounts to other users on the server.

3. Do not trade items for:

* Phone card.

* Send money by some means to a game user

* Send Login and password to someone who tells you on Facebook that they are admin (Dont do it, never believe) it is very risky the game is made to trade items and there is no safe way to do this, the server will not accept claims from users who were scammed with this modality and see rule number 17 and do not risk it, we do not accept claims for Baneo even we will answer the mails.

4. The Server has no administrators, it is a fully automated Server. If someone or some server user tells you that he is an Admin or GM or Mod, do not believe him, so tell him that they are going to give it BAN dont believe it.

5. If someone accuses you of stealing something or anything you didnt do, dont worry Many scammers use this modality to scare and terrorize users rookies and thus make them do what they say threatening them with the ban of their accounts but dont believe them just dont talk to them ignore them.

6. If any user tells or listens publicly that they say that the Server will be closed just ignore them thats a lie, they are users of competing servers or saboteur users working fear and lying to users to scare them to lose your effort and do not play anymore, it is a strategy widely used by spamers and other servers .


The server will not close, that will not happen, dont worry or believe that. so say it whoever it is donreglast believe it just ignore the user who tells you.